Maxwell Vice, Director of IV Magazine

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Maxwell Vice Tong (Notoriously known as Vice) is a New York City native who was raised in Ridgewood Queens. Growing up in the NYC public system, Vice was inspired by the creativity and authenticity of street kids, however he always wondered why he never saw people like him in the performing/fashion industry. He found that it was hard to get opportunities as a Gay POC from the city, so he decided to make his own platform so he could create the oppertuities he lacked.  He released Ice Vice Magazine on his 18th birthday in 2017 and has been expanding the brand since. Aside from the magazine, Vice is also known as an Actor. Making his Off-Broadway debut in 2016 in New York City Centers production of Runaways. Vice can also be seen in Vouge under fashion brands such as Gypsy Sport, and works at Superchief Gallery on the side of this. He created the online publication because he wasnt seeing an authentic representation of young artist, and wanted to give the queer new yorker youth a place to collaborate and build. In the fall of 2018 Tumblr met up with the director to do a documentary on how Ice Vice Magazine was made, and why he creates what he does. Vice was the youngest artist in the documentary, and continues to carry a torch for young artist in every industry, from fashion to art to film, Vice is truly a creator of many trades. 



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