My name is Anthony Cruz, designer and creator of ABSTRACTDyouth™. Being from NYC I get to experience a fast pace environment 24/7. However being who I am I like to slow things down, and analyze everything and study how and why things happen sometimes. I feel as if I was put on this earth to create like a mad man and have ppl slow down and look at my art and really have to notice all the details as I’ve observed in my life. Back in HS and during my first experience with college, I was going through a process of finding who I am as a person, and grasping what I was meant to do. I used to ask myself questions like “is this it?” And what would my life be like if I really grabbed life by the neck and told the world what flows in my mind. My brand is based on the question, “What Is Your Reality?”. This is my biggest question I asked myself when I was lost, and I ask anyone else who feels like they are waisting their time doing something just to get by. I feel like everyone has a purpose but some do not always find the will power to push forward with that potential, unfortunately. Since I WAS that person, I want to be that person who is an advocate of positivity and finding one’s purpose. My first collection was an all around census of where my mind was at coming out of HS going into college, and ORGANIZD MESS! Basically thinking I was good mentally but was a mess on the inside. Only thing that kept me going was some of the new people who fell into my life and listening to Wu-Tang Clan. My most recent body of work is just paying homage to some of things that got me to where I’m at today.