What does antic mean to you?


*after a few minutes of laughing*


Ameliarose: Antic is a band. We had a lot of different punctuations but before it was QTNIC  and people called us Q-Tip. Its life, its our career. Something we started when we were a lot younger for fun, didn’t think it would take us this far. It’s kind of therapeutic too, helps me get out what i cant say in words.

What do you want antic to be for other people?


Mike: I want antic to be a safe place, that people can relate and go to. I want our audience to connect to our music and our lives. I want it to be utilized, to help someone get through their day, inspire them. Music has that power for us, and we want it to have that for our audience. We want it to be fun as well, theres so much pain in the world we want to give people an escape


How does making music help you as a young person right now?


Chloe: Gave me a place to vent. if you ever heard an Antic song, its emotional. its relaxing, therapudic. Its great to get your head out of school and life. All of these teachers are putting all this pressure on you, but at practice i can just put all of that stress into the music. Making music helps, it really does


John: Playing is really fun and exciting , uplifting but creating the music is a nice way to unwind and get in tune with yourself. its just one of the greatest things to do. Going to a band practice after school is the best thing to do, teachers put all this pressure on you but at practice its just me and the music.


Whats your favorite scary movie?


Chloe: Interstellar is the scariest movie, its not horror but its sooooo scary. 


Mike: The Poughkeepsie tapes tapes, and its scary because we live a few miles from Poughkeepsie tapes so its way too real.


Amelia: I don’t love scary movies to much but i love the jig saw movies


John: That was going to be mine! Damn it, well If not saw, then the sinister movies for sure.

   I came across Antic around April of 2018 through one of our casting calls. I saw a picture of these four young teens from upstate, and above their picture i saw the words ANTIC! Its an understatement to say i was intrigued by the email. I listened to a song and was honestly blown away. I have gotten a lot of submissions from musicians and singers, but something about these group of teens really stood out to me. I talked to their manager (and yes, they have a manager) about getting them to do an interview for my summer issue. Although the 2018 Spring/Summer issue didnt work out as planned, I still wanted to feature them in an issue. They drove all the way down from upstate New York, to my job for an exclusive photoshoot and interview. I was very honored to find out this was the first interview they’ve ever done. There was something really magical about the way they looked around the gallery during the interview. How they laughed with each other, made fun of each other, even how they gave fashion advice to each other . A lot of times bands are put together with people who all want to be solo artist, or who don’t truly have a connection to their band mates. ANTIC! Is different however, because i could see their passion for their music, and their support for each other.


    I talked to the band after doing a fun shoot around an empty art gallery, and here’s what i learned. ANTIC! (formally known as QTNIC), is a band. It was created from a group of teens who loved music and loved creating. Chloe mentioned how there was nothing better than coming home from school and going to band practice. At school there was such pressure from Teachers to better and to work harder, but at band practice it wasn’t about being better or working harder…it was just about the music. I asked the band why do they make music, and why is this important to them? John talked about how making music was very calming. Its a way to relax and cool down after going through a day of stress. There’s such pressure on the younger generation right now to be better, to work harder, and to strive. However, I’ve found most young artist today create to calm down. Amelia said when she’s on stage she doesn’t focus on any other problems. Its exciting, its uplifting, and its fun. Watching the band run around the gallery, laughing and smiling made me happy because we as young people forget to simply have fun. We’re so focused on school, work, creating, that we don’t take the time out to have fun. Thats why i wanted to meet this band, not only are they hard working and know what they want, but they make sure they have fun.


    This isn’t the last time you are going to see ANTIC! with Ice Vice, this is simply an introduction to the start of their legacy, and I am so honored to be apart of it. Follow their band instagram @weareantic , and check out their music from their soundcloud below