Bradley Boboc 






Where were you raised? Los angeles area


How would you describe yourself as an artist? I would describe myself as a curator more than anything. I started making art doing collage, so everything I do is revolves around the selection of images that I find. I'm interested in a lot of different mediums like painting, clothing design, animation, and sculpture, but i feel like they're all related for that reason.


What about google maps and supermarket coupons inspires your work? I got into google maps because I realized it's an endless source of material. when I started using it a few months ago, I became obsessed with finding certain things, like hand painted signs and paleteros. I've collected 1,500 photos so far and use these as a source in most of my work. As for the newspapers, I started to like them after I realized how unavoidable they when I moved to new york. they definitely add an element of pop into my style, and they've gotten me into the idea of still life painting as well.


When did you make your departure into fashion/bag making? My bag business began recently, not more than a month or two ago. I made one for myself as a test, and the response I got made me want to take it further. now that I'm treating art as my main career, I see it as a great way to get my workout.