Thank you to everyone who was in this issue. When I made this magazine, I was counting the days till I was able to work on this Halloween issue. I would stay up at night thinking of ideas and concepts, and to see it come to life is amazing. What’s next for This magazine has been edited by myself, Maxwell Vice, and the photography has mainly been of my own creation. This winter break I’m gathering a team of photographers, makeup artists, and casting directors as well. I’m going to create a roster of Ice Vice models, so I can collaborate with other artists and designers and have a set team of young models, who will eventually be the faces of Ice Vice. There were so many submissions for models and photographers and I just want to say; you are not forgotten. I am only one person, and I can’t always do the things I want to do for this issue, but the goal is to never exclude any young person who is willing to lend themselves to this magazine. In other words, Ice Vice magazine is recruiting, for a permanent team. Additionally… over this winter break I will be working on a very exclusive ICE VICE PRINT ISSUE! Having 3 issues already is such a huge accomplishment for me, but I want to raise the bar for young entrepreneurs, and produce a living, breathing document full of the wonders of New York City’s youth.

Interested in working for Ice Vice Magazine? 

Email with the following:



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What you're interested in (Modeling, Photography, Editing, Writing, Visual Arts, Music, Photo Assistant) 

and lets build from there!

   Thank you again for reading this, i poured my heart into it and it truly, means the world to me