Welcome to the Skin Issue

This issue is 100% mobile friendly, but it is important to view this magazine on a laptop or desktop monitor. Not only is the design of the magazine better on a laptop, but the resolution of the photography and film's are not compromised! We decided to do be more experimental with this issue, the casting, and the collaborators. This issue contains two submissions from Carlos Hernandez ( @cmhvisuals ), and Casiano R. Hamer ( @casianorhamer ), which we are very thankful for. We collaborated with designer Lizz Bruce ( @lizzbrucelowkey ) from Sully Dover, as well as legendary photographer Neesmith Onzeur ( @neesmithonzeur ) for our first Fashion Campaign as well.  The theme for this issue is Skin. Usually our Fall/Winter issue's are considered our "Halloween" issue, but i wanted this issue to not be so constricted. Each piece in this issue talks about skin literally, and metaphorically. It discusses the skin we were born in, and the skin we put on to cope. How humans handle trauma within their own bodies. How skin color gives you different blessings and curses. How fashion can celebrate skin, and how art liberates us. What i love about this issue is the different humans we have in it. All races, All Genders, All sexualities, All abilities. We are Ice Vice and we welcome you to our issue.