Nico Seidita (Age 20 , Manhattan NYC ) is the first ever Dancer/Choreographer to be featured on Ice Vice, and theres a reason why we waited till the 4th issue to do so. We wanted to make sure our featured artist walks away with something they can add to their portfolio, and for a dancer feature...we had to make it MAJOR. We asked Nico if we would be interested in having us turn one of his creations to life, and we were honored when he said yes. We asked Nico some questions about his upbringing and his art. Here's what he had to say:

Where did you grow up:


I was born and raised in Long Island, but eventually commuted to (and later on moved to) Manhattan for school.


How was your experience in a public performing art school:


I enjoyed being in a performing arts high school. It had opened my eyes to a world outside of the small, suburban bubble that Long Island had trapped me in. I was able to comfortably grow in my own skin and being introduced to the beginnings of my own artistry.


Why do you dance:


Similar to many dancers I know, I have a love-hate relationship with my craft. It’s something that I am passionate and a perfectionist about, which can drive me crazy. But every so often, I take a step back to reevaluate and rediscover my love for my passion. Overall, it’s a therapeutic and important aspect of my life. It’s a means to tell stories and emote in a way that words cannot express.


Where do you want to be in 5 years:


In five years, I want to be out in L.A. I want to be dancing or choreographing for pop artists’ tours and music videos. I relate to that type of music and dancing the most and want to be able to succeed and hopefully create new art in that field.


What inspired this dance for you:


For this particular piece, it was the song that had initially inspired me. Hearing this song the first few times brought a wave of memories from past boys who’d eventually manipulate and play with my heart. I wanted to combine all of these stories and manifest them in a warped story.


What are some creative steps you take to begin creating a dance:


When I first heard this song, I imagined a completely different, a more straightforward, concept. But when I actually had to piece together an actual dance and began to formulate the story, it ended up to be a more fictional, yet somehow more relatable, experience for me. When I hear music, keywords, colors, emotions, and concepts all rush to my head and I write them down in a journal. These keywords eventually get evolved into more elaborate concepts. For example, manipulation eventually became hypnosis; haunted turned into masked ghosts. I’m very much inspired by fantasy, mystery, and horror. As a kid, I used to turn to entertainment as a form of escapism, and I have developed more of a relation to fictional pieces. After I create a broad images, I sit with the music, puzzling together these different ideas and create a story along with the intensity of the music. Then, attempting to use the song as well as my story, I set specific movements that each express different gestures or moods that move the story along. Some movements are abstract, some of them correlate with the fictional story, and some are easter eggs for things that have actually happened to me.


What is one of your biggest personal accomplishments:


Honestly, this experience has been one of my biggest accomplishments. For me, it has been an empowering adventure. Not only because I was able to create my first creative work, but to form a story that is personal, yet morphed in a way that is very much my fashion.


What’s one goal for the future:


I hope to keep being creative with my choreography and be able to continue to make art that comes from an honest, yet fictional place. I’m very much a storyteller in my art and want to be able to tell my stories in relatable and expressive ways.