This photoshoot in particular was the main reason I made this magazine in the first place, and it is such an honor to not only see it come to life, but have amazing models bring their own style to it. Last year I had an idea for a shoot that was a studio version of some of my favorite killers (fictional and real). I’ve always had a fascination with American Crime and Horror movies, as well as real life serial killers. Throughout my fascination with horror films and true crime stories, I’ve come to realize that all of these killers have a unique sense of fashion. The concept for this shoot was to put these killers on display, almost as if I found them right after they did something horrible and put them on display. I wanted to highlight the personal style of each killer, from the simple school girl look of Jennifer’s Body, to the satanic rock n’ roll look of The Night Stalker. The concept is definitely dark, and even a bit twisted… but this isn’t People Magazine’s Halloween issue. This shoot was taken in an empty apartment I found in my building, and was shot, styled, and edited by myself (Maxwell Vice). I wanted to focus on the notorious fashion of these fictional and real monsters, and recreate their infamous moments of evil… with that being said, I present to you