In a brink of a collapsing government, me and my friend Stevee ( @partyshev ) have made this track together. I have been friends with Stevee for years, and I've even shot him a few time for Ice Vice Magazine, but after being forced to spend my 21st birthday in a Quarantine I had so much anger built up in me. It felt like the world wasn't done beating me up before I turned into an adult. Felt like someone was back for blood. 


I was planning on dropping a print zine during my 21st Birthday, because it is also the 3 year anniversary of Ice Vice Magazine! Sadly due to the virus I lost my job, and all of the events I had planed to raise money for this print issue, but I wanted something for the fans to have on this anniversary so I hope you can thrash around at home with me till this is all fixed. Once this all blows over, I'll be the one coming back for blood. 


I hope you enjoy, and follow @partyshev on instagram. He is a mastermind. 



- Vice @maxwellvice   


Creator : Maxwell Vice



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