I have always been a fan of Tumblr ever since I was a young One Direction obsessed pre-teen. I used to write fan fiction and would share my stories with other creators around the world. I managed to get the attention of Tumblr  after my NYFW debut last year with Gypsy Sport. They asked if they could film me for a day working on the magazine, as part of their 2019 Campaign (and of course I said yes!). I decided to create my largest shoot ever featuring 20+ Film/Crew Members, 7 Models, 2 Designers, 1 Photographer, and me directing it all. When given this opportunity I knew that I MUST have as many young artist apart of this as possible. A brand like Tumblr seeing me, means they are seeing the kids I feature in my issues, so I had my most Iconic past Ice Vice Models come back to rock some EXCLUSIVE handmade upcycled garments from designers Lizz Bruce, and Ariane Konigshof. Photographed by the iconic Neesmith Onzsuer.


I worked with each deisgner on the concept for each piece, and I wanted to make sure my message to the masses was articulated, and excetued in true Ice Vice fashion. I decided to come to Ariana with a concept of a garment that connects 7 of my dearest models. My models are the glue to the magazine, and as indivduals I truly see them all as the artistic leaders of the next genration. I wanted to show the true unification of the brand, with a high fashion twist. Ariana and I spent the weekend going to thrift stores to find up cycled materials to make this one of a kind garnment, and she sewed through the morning just to make this vision come to life. I chose model/rapper Maxwell Cabral as the featured model for this shoot because to me he represents everything the magazine stands for. I'm a city kids from ridgewood queens, who always loved white nikes and baggy jeans...and there is something so beautiful in that. New York City Kids hold a beauty that no other place in the world can measure up to. They are fearless, colorful, bold, and smooth as fuck, and there was no other model who came to mind besides Maxwell. So, with Lizz Bruce as the head designer, I asked her to help me make a piece that represented Americas city kids. Something street wear, with a spray painted twist

It’s been a dream of mine to have designers, models, and photographers create with me, but to also have the attention of a brand that raised me is beyond humbeling. All I ever wanted to do was put my city in the spotlight, and to see my friends having fun in front of these camera’s is all I could've asked for. Thank you to the designers for hand sewing these pieces for me, my models for bringing them to life, and to Neesmith for capturing it all. This is just the begining, and we at Ice Vice thank you Tumblr for being the first brand to see our future.


   Vice ( Director of Ice Vice Magazine)